Articles of Association 

Our Articles of Association are our internal rulebook. They regulate how we manage our company and make decisions.

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Insider Trading Rules

The purpose of these insider trading rules (the “Insider Trading Rules”) is to inform the Staff Members of Exclusive Networks of the legal and regulatory principles relating to market abuses and to set forth preventive complementary measures in relation to insider trading which may lead to legal action being taken against the perpetrator and the application of penalties by the stock market authorities and the courts and will cause material damages to the reputation of Exclusive Networks.

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Board of Directors Internal Rules

The purpose of these internal rules is to define and specify, in addition to the provisions of the Company’s bylaws (the “Bylaws”) and the legal and regulatory provisions in force (and including in particular those of the French Commercial Code), (i) the organization and operation of the Board of Directors of the Company and of its Committees, and (ii) the rights and obligations of each member of the Board of Directors (a “Director”).

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